Rhiannon Singers Concert

  August 3

7:30 pm

$12 advance, $15 at the door

Rhiannon is a vocal artist with a vision of music as a vehicle for innovation, healing, transformation, and social change. Coming to Vermont from her organic farm and studio in Hawaii for this special evening at Knoll Farm, Rhiannon will be performing with singers from around the planet for an evening of vocal improvisation and acoustic alchemy. These singers are graduates of All the Way In, Rhiannon’s year-long advanced improvisation course, who have gathered for a reunion week of singing and celebration at Knoll Farm.  

To learn more about Rhiannon’s work, visit rhiannonmusic.com.


“Rhiannon is incredibly brilliant and fun.” – Bobby McFerrin

“Rhiannon is a LIGHTNING BOLT. The charge is continuous, illuminating and revitalizing.” -Susan Lachmann, Women On Air

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