Icelandic Sheep

Our Icelandic Sheep flock reduction sale will end October 15

Explore our Breedstock Sale page and ask us about helping you find the best animals to add to your flock, or helping you create a starter flock with strong diverse pedigrees. 

Icelandics are an excellent all-around breed that is becoming increasingly popular around the US. Desirable traits include common multiple births, excellent mothering, abundant fleece, fast growth, delicious meat, naturally docked tails, and vigor. We like to send them out on assignment to help bring back the fertility of our land, as they love to graze where the brambles and weeds have taken over. They do well during pregnancy without supplemental grain which allows us to farm with a low footprint, feeding only grass, hay and minerals.

We offer Icelandic grass-fed meat and wool products, but mostly we love to breed animals to go on and thrive at other farms. With a breeding program in place since 2002, we have raised and sold over 500 animals, and are

excited to contribute to sheep making a comeback on small farms. Because sheep thrive on rocky, low-value land that is not well suited to growing other food, they can be an economical and ecologically smart source of food and fiber.

Starting a new flock or choosing animals to add to your farm is always a big deal. You want to be sure you are getting healthy, locally adapted breed stock that are going to make the transition well, and serve your needs. We have a track record of selecting for hardy, large Icelandics uniquely adapted to a grass-fed diet, easy lambing, and quick healthy growth. We have also kept records on our rams and offspring for parasite resistance for many years and have made great strides in our genetics in that area.

Reserve an Animal

Making a deposit guarantees your choice of a specific animal, or gives you priority when it comes to picking your choice of lambs each spring.

Breedstock Sale

We have been selectively breeding purebred Icelandics since 2002 and we stand by the vigor and quality of every family in our foundation flock. For the first time ALL of our best lines are for sale this spring.

Still Have Questions?

We’re here to answer. We like to develop a conversation early in the process, and continue the dialogue and mentorship long after you bring your sheep home.

Buying From Us

We sell mature rams, yearlings and mothers with babies in May and June. Lambs are sold in late August through October after we’ve observed them thoroughly, they’ve had plenty of nursing time, and when parasite pressures are low. The best time to visit us is in the spring or early summer, when there are the most to choose from. We recommend choosing your animals in person if possible. We want to spend time answering your questions and offer advice for successful shepherding.

Included with every animal:

  • Worming, vitamin shots, hoof trimming, and all vaccinations up to date
  • A vet health check and papers if crossing state lines ($50 value per animal)
  • A year of mentorship (Shepherding is an ongoing learning adventure, we all help each other with questions, sometimes for years)
  • Delivery within Vermont or further afield (small surcharge applies).

This Year’s Lambs

See the newest additions to the flock! We have about 50 new lambs every year, too many to list on the site, but many are for sale now if you ask us for a list.

By joining our community, you become part of the story of this land.

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