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KFM Oswego

Born: 4/9/13, twin
Sire: Fav Ram 6Z Fergus
Dam: KFM 138W M2H Moki
Lambing Record: 2,2,2,2

Beautiful moorit gray ewe with abundant soft fleece, great mothering instinct and stocky built. Throws mouflon as well as gray and moorit.

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KFM 280A Butter

Born: 6/12/13, triplet
Sire: AI Kveikur Ram 786Z
Dam: KFM 186X Lambing Record: 2,2,2

Extremely stocky white ewe with loving temperament, loyal mother, very milky. An all around favorite on the farm.

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KFM 352B Polly

Born: 4/12/14, twin
Sire: FAV 6Z Fergus
Dam: KFM M3H 160W Ivy
Lambing record: 2,2,2

Wide square build and huge fleece make this ewe stand out. She carries moorit as well as badgerface.

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KFM 413D Isolde

Born: 4/9/16, twin
Sire: BRH 001Y Lake
Dam: KFM 204Y Ganymede
Lambing Record: 2

Extra tall, large black badgerface ewe with a spectacular fleece, nice straight legs and broad frame. A real looker. From some of our strongest lines on both sides. She did very well this spring with her first lambs.

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KFM 403D Carmen

Born: 4/2/16, twin
Sire: KFM 396C Ash
Dam: KFM 335B Bishbash
Lambing record: 1

Black-gray yearling ewe out of a beautiful moorit badgerface dam. Showed some of the best parasite vigor all last summer. Sire is an AI Grabotni grandson and other strong AI lines include Blettur, Kani, Flotti, Grani, and Bambi. She was the first to lamb in spring 2018, her first lambing.

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KFM 418D Manon

Born: 4/11/16, twin
Sire: BRH B23HS Lake
Dam: KFM B5SH Callisto
Lambing record: 2

She lambed easily her first time this spring, with large twins. Attentive mother. She is leggy and strong, showed great parasite resistance on a hot humid summer.

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KFM 465E Emilie

Born: 4/2/17, twin
Sire: Trinity AI Ram Kistu
Dam: KFM 223Y Callisto
Description: really stunning black/gray mouflon yearling with excellent topline, muscling and feet. A little bit of a wild girl when we need to handle her, but a real beauty. Gramman granddaughter, as well as Alfur lines.

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KFM 481E Charly

Born: 4/06/17, single
Sire: BRH 001Y Lake
Dam: KFM 111U Bluestem
Description: Huge, leggy, spotted black badgerface ewe. By far the biggest ewe lamb of 2017 by the end of the summer. She has great potential for milkiness and productivity given her sire and dam. We are keeping two of her full sisters for our flock this year.

KFM 441E Lizzie

Born: 4/06/17, single
Sire: BRH 001Y Lake
Dam: KFM 204Y Ganymede
Description: Very fine confirmation and good size on this yearling ewe out of our largest sire (Blettur and Kari lines) and one of our most productive ewes ever. Her dam usually has triplets but as a single she got all the milk last year and her growth shows it.

KFM 401D Tosca NFS

Born: 3/27/16, single
Sire: KFM 385C Oak
Dam: KFM 65T Saki
Lambing record: 2

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KFM 312A Pocomoonshine

Born: 4/10/13, twin
Sire: FAV ram 30X Xerces
Dam: KFM M5HS 53S
Lambing Record: 2,1,3,2,2

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KFM 223Y Callisto NFS

Born: 4/1/11 twin
Sire: Jager AI Ram 321W Copernicus
Dam: KFM 49S
Lambing record: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2,1

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KFM 434D Kate

Born: 4/2/16, twin
Sire: KFM 377C
Dam: KFM 329B

Lambing Record: 2

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KFM 478E Hirsch

Born: 4/11/17, twin
Sire: CFM 34C
Dam: KFM 280A

Lambing Record: 

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KFM 279A Geneva

Born: 3/13/13, twin
Sire: FAV 30X Xerces
Dam: KFM 202Y Leda
Lambing Record: 2, 2, 2,2

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KFM 335B Bishbash NFS

Born: 4/5/14, twin
Sire: KFM 276Z Gawain
Dam: Kind Horn 214X

Lambing Record: 2, 2, 2

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KFM 345B Kilimanjaro NFS

Born: 4/07/14, twin
Sire: FAV 6Z Fergus
Dam: KFM 138W Moki
Lambing Record: 2, 2, 2

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KFM 304A Cloud NFS

Born: 4/8/13, twin
Sire: AI Kveikur Ram 786Z
Dam: KFM 160W Ivy
Lambing Record: 2,2,2,2

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KFM 445E Maya

Born: 3/29/17, twin
Sire: CFM 34C
Dam: KFM 279A

Lambing Record:

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KFM 460E Lucy

Born: 4/17/17, twin
Sire: CFM 34C
Dam: KFM 241Y Io
Lambing Record:

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KFM 455E Snoopy

Born: 4/4/17, twin
Sire: BRH Lake 001Y
Dam: KFM 312A Pocomoonshine
Lambing Record:

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Trinity AI Ram 719C Kistu $695 SOLD

Born: 4/29/16, twin
Sire: Gramman AI
Dam: DL 653W

Description: proven ram, striking mouflon fleece, perfect horns, square confirmation, gentle

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Kind Horn Ram 906E Ovid NFS

Born: 4/06/17, twin
Sire: Kind Horn AI 715C
Dam: TCE 821A
Description: Lovely fleece, wide horns, classic look, Vali grandson

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BRH 001Y Lake NFS

Born: 4/28/11, twin
Sire: Kind Horn 205X
Dam: Frelsi 523S
Description: immense, super fleece, one of our all time great rams, Kari, Blettur

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Born: 4/20/15
Sire: DL B2H 889Y
Dam: DL B24H 728W Vivian

Description: Proven ram, stocky, prolific,strong AI lines, calm

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