Grass-Fed Lamb (all cuts)

Our grass-fed lamb is raised 100% on organically certified pastures. We do not feed grain, hormones or antibiotics. It is very lean, and we guarantee you a very healthy, nutritious and flavorful product. Icelandic Lamb is known for its mild flavor. Our butcher who we have used for 10 years does a wonderful job, and all packages come inspected, labeled with cut and weight, vacuum-sealed and frozen.

Prices per pound:

Rib chops – $17.85/lb

Loin chops – $20.25/lb

Round-Bone chops – $15.85/lb

Boneless leg – $19.75/lb

Bone-in leg – $16.85/lb

Ground – $13.00/lb

Shanks – $12.50/lb

Decide which cuts and quantities you want and email us to place an order. We will pack it and have it ready for you with an invoice payable by check, cash or card. We do not ship meat products – lamb purchases are for farm store pick-up only.


Additional information

Weight 1.25 lbs

Tandoori Masala, Ethiopian, Shepherd’s Herb Blend

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