Assistant Retreat Chef

 May 15- October 11, 2019

+/- 20 hours per week (can be combined with another part-time position at the farm)


The Assistant Retreat Chef is the right-hand to the Chef and Food Program Manager and helps to prepare meals served at the Refuge at Knoll Farm. Please see our Food page for more about our food philosophy.

Groups using the Refuge include professional groups, families, music camps, yoga studios and individuals on our leadership retreats. Most retreats are 2-8 days long and are typically around 20-30 people. On rare occasions we cook for more than 30 people. 

Job responsibilities include:

  • helping the Chef source food from local farms, farmer’s markets and food stores with the goal of having the majority of our food be locally grown; possibly doing the shopping or ordering. 
  • efficiently work as sous-chef to prepare meals – including veg prep, baking desserts, presenting food for the table
  • helping with the outdoor pizza oven
  • understanding how to take care with special diets and food allergies
  • ensuring that clean-up is well done
  • helping to keep meals on time according to the schedule, and planning portions to be sure there is enough food for each group
  • sometimes taking on a whole meal to give the Chef a break

Assistant Chef hours are typically from 4 pm through dinner clean-up, ending at 8 pm. On longer retreats, the Assistant Chef may also work a morning shift and take on breakfast. These exact hours are to be worked out according to the applicant and our retreat schedule. Flexibility is key. This position works well when combined with other part-time positions on the farm, such as Farm Field Crew or Assistant Retreat Manager. 

Experience needed:

The person who will thrive in this position is flexible, easy-going but willing to work hard and focus on a task, has great attention to detail and a positive attitude. Our guests at Knoll Farm come from all across the country and all kinds of backgrounds. Our intent is that everyone has the best experience possible and is embraced by our hospitality and genuine care, so also its important to enjoy people and be open-minded and tolerant. A sense of humor is always important!

Cooking experience is not essential, but must have good basic kitchen skills, clean habits and awareness of food safety.

If interested please fill out the application below. Please be sure to include a cover letter and resume. Thank you.

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