Farm Field Crew

 mid June to mid August, 2019

+/- 20 hours per week (can be combined with another part-time position at the farm)


Our farm field crew helps with all aspects of the farm operation, in peak season. We grow certified organic berries, have an active farm stand on the property, and raise Icelandic sheep for breedstock, meat and fiber.

Job responsibilities include:

  • orchard work: weeding, mulching pruning, trellising, mowing
  • efficiently and quickly harvesting berries in peak season for our wholesale accounts 
  • restocking the farmstand and helping customers on busy weekends
  • caring for sheep – helping with shearing, health checks, rotational grazing, repairing and moving fences 
  • watering, weeding and tending to gardens and compost

Farm Crew hours are typically 8 am-1 pm, 4 days a week, and some weekends.

Experience needed:

Experience with physical work on a farm and outdoors in all weather is important. We are looking for people who are physically fit and strong, and who can work fast but do a job well. A lot of being successful on a farm is thinking about how to move efficiently and problem-solve when faced with a new task or problem. Good communication skills, engaging kind manner with customers and guests and a positive attitude are all also important. This is a very rewarding job in a beautiful setting.

If interested please fill out the application below. Please be sure to include a cover letter and resume. Thank you.

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Position applying for:

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If you have trouble with this form, please contact us at Please note that for residential positions, we can not easily accommodate pets, smoking, or dependents, so please consider this before applying. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based on age, gender, race, marital status, or sexual orientation. Thank you.

By joining our community, you become part of the story of this land.

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